Beinn Chapple-Law

BEINN had never taken a car photo until he got his first decent car at 19, that's when he started going to meets and practicing car photography. That’s also when he fell in love with it all.

He had only been a photographer for a few months when he began taking photos of his friends' cars, he also reached out on Instagram to cars he really liked, offering to shoot them for free. Combining his two loves all began there.

BEINN then started the Notorious Collective car community, a car community accepting everyone, no matter what kind of car they have or how much money they’ve spent on it. A lot of members own personalised plates, either using their name or a car characteristic. BEINN chose to put his name on his plate because it's unique and helps him to be recognised. It definitely lives up to the Notorious Collective motto of “Stand out, be unique, become Notorious”.

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Beinn's Plate
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Standard Plate - Black/Black/Car


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